At Nalah we strive and push boundaries of both fashion design and your shopping experience with us.

Design Your Bag

Design Your Bag function on our website is an exclusive feature and an incredible tool when choosing the components of your handbag, you can choose every item and view your bag online.

Items on this page are sold separately to ensure you create your own customized handbag- Frame/Insert and handles- you will find handles in our shop section.

Pride in local design

Original Nalah Bags are Protected by registered trademark and Copyright ©.

Nalah™️ bags are very proud of our locally designed manufactured Genuine Leather handbags and handles and our new exclusive range of inserts that are manufactured right here exclusively for the Nalah Brand, in South Africa. This makes our Brand now Proudly South African.

Look out for our new Lifestyle range launching in 2022


About the Founder

I have always adored fashion and style as I studied Fashion Design at LISOF (London International School of Fashion).

The word Fashion attracts everyone and our very unique bags will definitely attract every South African woman of every culture and she can create her own handbag with her unique style and taste. Nalah TM bags are sophisticated and stylish and are designed for everyday use and keeping in mind also for special functions

It took me around a year to find the best high-quality handbag Frames (EVA) (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Vinyl–as there are many low-quality items available worldwide – There are many cheaper options in Silicone and Jelly available but our Nalah Team is only interested in the best and highest of quality we can offer our customers for your lasting Nalah Frame, our search started in early 2018.

Founder and Owner
Lindie Heystek

“Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person”


Nalah / Queen

About our Brand

Nalah is an African name meaning Queen. Every woman in South Africa should feel like a queen when wearing her customised Nalah Handbag, by just changing one or two components on your bag it becomes your custom made handbag and interchangeable in every way. You can add colour or one element of sophistication and you will be the envy of your peers.

All Leather goods including handles, leather handbags, accessories and our Proudly South African inserts were designed and created by our owner. All local manufacturing and Proudly South African.

We pride ourselves in exclusivity. Being unique but yet interchangeable. Limited Quantities available per item as we strive only for the best quality and timeless colours and textiles of inserts / Leather Frames and Handles

The Nalah™️Bag Names (Our own Names created)

The Divine
Divine was the first of our own Nalah™️ Names- This name is protected by Trademark and was carefully selected by our owner. The Divine was named after a stong/willful and stunning woman that stands the test of time.

The Desiree Genuine Leather
The Desiree name was the second of our own Nalah™️ Names- This name is protected by Trademark and was carefully selected by our owner. The Desiree was named after my eldest daughter. She is fun and full of life! Versatile in any situation.

The Chane Genuine Leather

The middle child! Loved and adored by all! She is an all rounder and loves living her life to the fullest with an easy going handbag that can just be worn over the shoulder or across the body. This is our Chane

The Petite Lianay Genuine Leather

Our Lianay is the youngest child and most petite of them all. Full of life and energy despite her size! Interchangeable handbag that can adjust to all situations. This is our beloved Lianay

The Melissa Genuine Leather

Second eldest child. Loves bling and glam! This is why we make this bag in metallic leathers! She is a true girly girl!

Coming soon!!

The Tersia

The Elsabe

The Francois

All of the above names are associated with the Nalah™️Bags Brand and are all covered by our registered Trademark.